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Autumn Leaves performed by Jesse J Pena on a Todd Johnston guitar.

Jesse is a Performer, teacher and composer living in Lexington Kentucky. Tel 410 353 7926



Oracle Guitars


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Oracle Guitars

Since 1997

By: Todd Johnston   

Handcrafted in Lancaster, PA

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  I began my guitar building journey after many years of playing acoustic guitar, mostly alternate innovative tunings,to fit my style of play. Then I heard Michael Hedges, ....That was it..... I had to have a guitar with that range and timber. In my search for the handmade guitar of my liking, I found a wonderful man and friend named Kevin Gallagher, (who builds the most amazing guitars out there!) who in our discussion on the creation of a guitar for my style said, "Sounds to me like you have the talent and inspiration to build your own." and mentioned that he would like to teach me the art of building and be his first student. Kevin and his advanced knowledge of guitars had me building beautiful guitars in no time at all, and so became Oracle Guitars, named for Michael Hedges last release "Oracle"..

 After many years of learning and experimenting I have developed a unique style of building itself as well as inventing some instruments of my own. My technique consists of almost entirely hand crafting everything from the bare essentials, antique tools and some beautiful wood. Each guitar is an individually crafted instrument built to the players demands, a finger-style guitar and a flat picking guitar although they may have the same woods are completely different instruments to me. The construction would reflect the needs of the style. Unlike a factory guitar that everything is the exact same thickness and dimensions. Each set of bracing is hand split and made according to the player and his style, same with the rest of the instrument.

Which is the basis of Oracle Guitars, truly individually each player.  


Todd Johnston: Luthier/Designer